Exploring Downtown.

Went for a morning walk in downtown Atlanta yesterday with a group of photographers I'm part of called  Women in Focus. It was refreshing to explore without specific purpose and meander around an area that I would normally rush through, getting to where I need to be. 

visit to the sundial at the westin.

We were looking for a little intown family outing to catch the sunset, the Westin on Peachtree street seemed to have it all - a glass elevator that goes up 72 floors, and a rotating bar at the top that is family friendly. Unfortunately the bar was closed for a private event. but we at least got to check out the observation deck.  



Sunday at the museum.

Gotta love it when one of your favorite art museum's current exhibits is right up your kid's alley. Plus the meet and greet in the lobby with favorite book characters was tailor-made for a kindergarten fan-boy... 

play soup.

My boy waltzed into the kitchen and proclaimed loudly "Let's make soup!". He had some specific ingredients in mind ( like fish and potatoes), but was content to use whatever old stuff I agreed to part with. This included an old lemon, cayenne pepper, lots of garlic salt,  some goldfish, a handful of rice, and a few sprigs of parsley (pronounced "parslip").